What is required for this test


This is a simple blood test! Each patient will require a CBC with differential platelet drawn along with a single tube for the immune panel. There are a number of tests that can be performed to help better understand the patients specific immunological profile. See the requisition form for suggested testing.

How and Where can my patient have their blood drawn – There are a couple of options to consider 

1.   In house phlebotomy: using supplied materials, the required sample(s) can be drawn and shipped at no cost to you or the patient. 

  • Paperwork, packing materials and prepaid shipping materials are supplied 

  • Forms can be completed and sent with sample or faxed to Optimed Laboratory

  • Commercial lab testing (CBC w/ differential) must be collected/sent by the physician’s office

2.    Draw at Optimed Laboratory: limited appointments can be made for patients to have the samples collected at Optimed Laboratory. 

  • Sample collection by Optimed Laboratory by appointment only 

  • Singed and completed forms must be received prior to appointment date​

3.    Sample collection at participating Quest Diagnostics laboratories: We have partnered with Quest diagnostics to make sample collection easier and more accessible to your patients. 

  • Forms must be completed by requesting physicians office and sent to Optimed Laboratory prior to collection

NOTE: patient should consult insurance overages for laboratory work as Quest Diagnostic may not be the preferred laboratory for all testing.